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Fíha! Nečakaná ponuka pre Meghan a Harryho priamo od kráľovnej: Budú sa opäť sťahovať?!

18.05.2019 lmo

Ešte len nedávno sa presťahovali do vytúženého nového domova a už čerstvú rodinku princa Harryho prekvapila nečakaná správa.

Meghan Markle, princ Harry 75 obrázkov vo fotogalérii Zdroj: Meghan Markle, princ Harry

Kráľovská rodina zažila minulý rok turbulentné obdobie, ktoré vyústilo k oddeleniu vetvy Sussex a Cambridge. Manželia Meghan a Harry a Kate a William majú teraz vlastné komunikačné tímy a dokonca aj oddelené účty na Instagrame.

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Today The Duchess of Cambridge visited @bletchleyparkuk, the home of British codebreaking — which played a major role in secret intelligence gathering during the Second World War, producing secret information which had a direct and profound influence on the outcome of the war. The Duchess joined joined schoolchildren for an immersive workshop (using a real Enigma Machine used during the Second World War), which saw them take on the role of codebreakers in June 1944, intercepting and deciphering German communications in order to understand their order of battle and decide whether the Operation Fortitude deception plans have been successful. She also met Bletchley Veterans Elizabeth Diacon, Georgina Rose, Audrey Mather and Rena Stewart, who all worked to feed crucial information to Allied forces in the critical months, weeks and days leading up to D-Day during #WW2. The Duchess’s own Grandmother and Great Aunt, Valerie and Mary Glassborow, both worked at Bletchley during the War — and have become the latest additions to Bletchley’s Codebreakers’ Wall of Honour. Bletchley’s new exhibition ‘D-Day: Interception, Intelligence, Invasion’, based on newly declassified material, shows how the intelligence effort coordinated at the site helped specifically in the success of the D-Day landings at Normandy, part of their work to bring together the past and the present, with a nod to the future.

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