51-ročná Laura Heikkila z americkej Kalifornie bola vždy prirodzene štíhla, ale tvrdí, že po tom, čo porodila dcéru Jayden (16), už nemala toľko sebavedomia, čo sa tela týka. Preto začala postupne meniť svoj životný štýl a oplatilo sa – dnes vyzerá naozaj vražedne dobre, a to má dávno po 50-tke.

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There's a difference between being thin and being fit! Sure I was thin in my twenties and thirties but fit I was not. . Until about the age of 35 my diet consisted of a lot of sugar and processed foods. I didn't have a clue about nutrition and I was lucky if I made it to the gym once a week. So although I may have looked healthy because I was thin, I wasn't very healthy on the inside. I suffered from almost daily gut aches, had way less energy than I do now and probably not much muscle. The changes I have made over the past 15 years I think have really helped to slow the aging process and now I feel fit! Some things that I think really helped... . ✔Switching to a largely plant based (I eat meat but eat tons of plant based foods) that keeps me full and satisfied and not crashing from all the sugar. . ✔Not constantly living in a calorie deficit which after awhile screws up your metabolism. . ✔Making exercise a priority and switching from being a cardio queen to regular weight training. . ✔Ditching soda and switching to at least 80 ounces of water daily. . ✔Stopped feeling guilty for spending time bettering myself (why do we do this as moms) . All in all I created healthier habits and stuck to them. I stopped making excuses and I stopped comparing myself to others because I had just as equal of an opportunity to look fit too as long as I was willing to do the work. . If you are struggling with getting started or staying consistent, just start by improving one new thing this week and when that gets easy, move on to another. I like to take things in steps with my clients so it doesn't all seem so overwhelming. If you don't know where to start I would love to help!. . What is your biggest struggle? . . . . #transformation #humpday #fitover50 #healthcoach #nutrition #womenover50 #womenover40 #fitmom #fitinspiration

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